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Cardiovascular Health

Caring for your heart and vascular system is key to a healthy body. Learn about strategies for preventing heart disease, the signs of a heart attack, treatment options for atrial fibrillation (AFib), and minimally invasive vascular procedures. Hear from our experts.

Digital Health

Digital health tools give you more control over your health care. Learn how the MyHealth patient portal allows you to schedule a visit, refill a prescription, communicate with your care team, or join a video visit appointment. Also learn about Online Second Opinion, a program for people who received a diagnosis or treatment recommendation elsewhere to get a second opinion from a Stanford Medicine expert.


Digestive conditions can cause pain and frustration, impacting your quality of life. Our experts can identify the cause of your symptoms, provide a treatment plan, manage your condition to provide relief, and prevent more serious disease. Learn about advanced endoscopy procedures, along with screenings and treatments for liver disease.

Gynecology and Maternity

You know your body, and our specialists work with you to support your wellbeing across all stages of life. Find resources explaining why your period is heavy, how to get help for pelvic floor dysfunction, advice for preconception, an introduction to our pediatric services, lactation information, and a tour of our birth center.

Imaging Services and Interventional Radiology

Doctors use diagnostic imaging — like X-ray, MRI, CT, PET/CT, and ultrasound — to see inside your body to understand injuries, chronic conditions, and the development and progression of diseases. Learn about the services available to you, along with breast cancer screening facts.

Neuroscience and Stroke Care

Immediate response to stroke symptoms can save your brain and your life. Every minute counts. As a Stroke Center of Excellence, Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare is prepared to quickly treat stroke. We also have expertise in caring for patients at high risk of stroke or who have experienced a stroke.

Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Diabetes

Nutrition is an important part of life, treatment, recovery, and prevention. Our registered dietitians help you to make healthier choices so you can feel your best and manage your weight. We can also partner with you to get diabetes under control. Get tips on how to eat mindfully during the holidays.


Cancer is more than a condition — it’s one of life’s greatest disruptors. That’s why our cancer program is designed to meet your needs as a whole person. Learn about a fitness program for patients and survivors, genetic testing for breast cancer, why the da Vinci Surgical Robot means less pain and faster recovery, and learn about one breast cancer survivor’s journey to remission.

Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Maximize your active lifestyle and independence with support from our specialists. Get tips for regaining mobility in your knees and learn about a new procedure that minimizes the risk of spinal disc reherniation. Also learn about common injuries, including ankle sprain and ACL tear, and how they’re treated.


Breathe easier with the support of the pulmonary rehabilitation program. The program features a combination of education, exercise, conditioning, and support services. Learn about state-of-the-art treatments for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Primary, Emergency, and Urgent Care

There are many ways to access care. For your annual visit, disease prevention, non-urgent illnesses and injuries, or chronic conditions, primary care is best. For when injury or illness appears suddenly, learn whether the emergency room or urgent care is the right place to go. Also, find a list of prompts to get important conversations started with your primary care provider.


Whether you’re experiencing urinary incontinence, kidney and bladder stones, prostate problems, urological cancers, or erectile dysfunction, our specialists can help. Learn about treatments for prostate gland enlargement and how cutting-edge, minimally invasive surgery lessens recovery time and the risk of complications.

We’re Hiring

Come join the team! Openings include positions for nurses, physician assistants, food services, environmental services, phlebotomists, and techs.

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